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Kingdom International Consortium (KIC) has formed a new partnership with Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School to equip the partners to further their education at LBC | Capital.


Those affiliated with KIC, an international network of 143 churches, para-church ministries, and businesses, in North America, the Caribbean, and Africa; may choose to enroll at LBC | Capital, transfer credits and may be eligible for tuition discounts for a multitude of programs, from bachelor’s to masters to doctoral degrees. With KIC partners across the country and around the world, many may take advantage of LBC | Capital’s convenience online programs, which have recently expanded to include several programs leading to master’s degrees as well.

Here are some of the benefits and highlights of the partnership:

  • Tuition Discount: KIC members who enroll at LBC | Capital will receive an annual 30% tuition discount for undergraduate studies.

  • Tuition Discount: KIC members who enroll at LBC | Capital will receive an annual 15% for graduate students, who are on active status.


  • The discounts will be applicable only to the tuition cost billed each term over an academic year and are stackable on top of other financial aid or scholarships a student might receive.

  • Limited KIC/LBC Scholarships available in addition to any state or federal financial aid KIC students may receive (must be registered for at least 12 credits).

  • Access to all the services providing to Lancaster Bible College’s on campus students. i.e. Career Services, Veteran/Active Military Services, International Student Services, etc.

  • Access to all the educational and sporting facilities located on the more than 100 acres of rolling hills and meadows of Lancaster County

  • For the sports enthusiast, access to Lancaster Bible College’s NCAA III sports teams and events

  • KIC members who are offered admissions will be eligible, if applicable, to transfer credits from other accredited educational institutions they may have attended, even Bible Institutes.

To take advantage of the above-listed benefits and more, please click the LBC logo below.  Also, for more information regarding our partnership, please fill out the information on the form below and a representative from the office of Kingdom Academia will be in contact with you.

For More Information 

Thank you for your interest in our LBC partnership! We will be in contact with you within 48 - 72hrs.  Thank you, again. 


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