The Kingdom International Consortium is an aggregation of churches, para-church ministries, businesses, and entrepreneurs who are synergistically gathered for the purpose of carrying out the mandate of Jesus Christ, through the parable found in Luke 19:13 – “Do business until I come.”  


Ministries and businesses are uniquely “braided” together through the commonality of resources and accountability.  We have been given the edict to work ecumenically within the walls of the church and economically outside the of those same walls.  From various trainings, networking, and fellowship opportunities – GLOBALLY, our desire and design fosters engagement with all of our partners, on every level.  From the inexperienced to the experienced, this engagement will allow them to function optimally in every area of their life - “The KIC Way”.


With our CEO and Primate, Bishop Eric Daniel Garnes, D.Min, MPS, the leadership and the current “KIC” partners we endeavor to build a sacred, successful, and most importantly SAFE place where ministry and business are braided.

The Place Where Ministry & Business are Braided.

Our Mission

To advance the kingdom of God in the body of Christ aiding in the growth and advancement of their ministries with the incorporation of launching the business with 4 components (not limited to):

·       Pastoral & Ministry Development

·       Personal Coaching Development

·       Effective Leadership Development

·       Entrepreneurial Development

Business People Talking
Business Consultation

Our Vision

The place where ministry and entrepreneurialism is braided for success in the body of Christ.  The Gospel according to St. Luke 19:13 is the mantra scripture to launch and build the foundation as kingdom-minded people this coming Wednesday, September 16th.  We all speak the same language and move toward the same goal as partners which replicate the 12 disciples that walked with Jesus who were disciples and businessmen in their skillset.

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